Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who likes free stuff???

I know I do!!!

I just found a website that sells mineral makeup, and they have a FREE trial kit. All you have to pay is S&H and it was $3.13, but I pretty sure that all this makeup retails for $20 or more. So go and check them out! The site is called Everyday Minerals, and what do you have to lose other than $3.13?

Oh and I have to share a funny story quick. Tonight I went to Target to pick up a couple of things that were on sale and I had a little run in with the cashier. In this Sunday's paper there was a coupon for $1 off any size Tide. So I thought great it doesn't say not use able on trial size so I'll go pick up a trial size for $.99 and get it for free. So that's what I did and when I handed the lady my coupon she tried to tell me that I could use it. Now I don't get confrontation hardly ever, I mean hardly ever, but one thing I will get confrontational about is saving money. So anyways, the lady told me that she wasn't going to scan my coupon. Well now I was getting a little upset because I know Target's coupon policy, and they will take coupons for anything (and you can stack them with the coupons that come directly from Target as well -FYI), unless the coupon says so otherwise. So I told her to read the coupon and did it say not usable on trial size. So she read it and said, well no it doesn't say that, so then I told her to scan it. And wonder of wonders the computer took it! She was not about to make me pay $.99 for my laundry detergent! Ok I think I'm turning into a coupon fanatic! :)

More updates coming in the next couple of days.


The Mihalek's said...

You go girl! I would have done the same thing. You know we get more confrontational as we get older! :)

Can't wait to see you and the girls tomorrow night. Oh, and Rich too!

Anonymous said...

A confrontal Tisdel/Jackson...well how about that!! When you have it in your court, don't let them take it from you. I did just that yesterday when I found a magazine company had slipped an extra year onto my credit card.
To our beautiful family...each of you, in our prayers, in our hearts. Love, Grandma-Grandpa F.

Jamie said...

Hey Darc - nice persuasion skills! Very impressive. I'm like that with returns and I had a bit of a run in a couple of weeks ago. I love feeling confident in the moment :).

You guys look great! Love seeing all the pics!