Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Joy is now in a big girl bed. We were going to wait until she turned 2, but circumstances came about that we needed to move her. The circumstances being - her crib was recalled. I doubt anything would have happened, but one never knows so we thought we would play it safe.

Joy is sleeping in Grace's bed, because currently we only have one bed. Grace is sleeping on the floor - by her choice. Actually she has been sleeping on the floor since vacation. I'm not sure why but she prefers the floor now.

So anyways, Joy has been doing very well in the bed so far, and only gotten out once. So I'm hoping, hoping that this good trend will continue and she'll stay put! I never thought I could put my 2o month old in a big girl bed, but I'll take it. Next stop...get her out of diapers! Ha, I think that will be a while still, but a mom can hope, right?


The Mihalek's said...

What cute pictures! Good for Joy sleeping in the big girl bed. Looks like she a bit squirmy at night. Looks like Grace is pretty comfortable on the floor. Grace just likes to be different. She'll eventually want her bed back.

See you later!

Anonymous said...

Grace, for most of us, sleeping on the floor gives us a 'crick' in ou necks. I remember your Great-Great Grandpa Buckley liked to take a quick nap on the floor. At night he wanted a good mattress. You look comfortable...and no fear of falling off. Joy, you look so comfortable in the big-girl bed. I think you will like being able to roll round. You girls are both growing up into 'big girls'... you are both the very sweetest of girls. We love you, GGPA & GGMA Frandsen