Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Pictures

We've been busy around here, hence the lack of posts. But here are some random shots from the last week or so.
Grace thinks she no longer needs a nap. So unless I really, really, really wear her out right after lunch she refuses to take a nap, much to my chagrin. So when she doesn't take a nap, this is what happens to her at dinner time. She still definitely needs a nap!
Grace also loves to wear Rich's hats. She wanted to eat dinner in his football hat. I'm sure it was sweaty and gross, but she doesn't care.

Grace also is a little monkey. She literally hangs on anything that she can. This is the underside of our dining room table. I'm just waiting for it to break one day. As long as she doesn't start hanging from our towel bars in the bathroom I think we'll be ok. And because she hangs off everything and asks me if "gynastics" (she saw gymnastics in the Olympics) is on t.v. at least 3 times a week, we're hoping to enroll her in a gymnastics class in the winter.

Joy thought she would give it a try too.

Today was Rich's and Nate's first football game of the season. Their boys have greatly improved over last year. They did lose, but I think they were both very proud of the boys and how far they've come since last season. Staci and I spent the game chasing the children. Grace gave herself a bloody nose, and Joy walked onto the track 3 times during the game. So yeah, we didn't see much the game. Rich is the one in the jeans, and I don't see Nate in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Joy does not 'buy' the issue that football is for guys. Girls are beginning to break into this as well, so sure she was on the field. Ouch Grace, hope you noes didn't hurt too long. What gives with the 'monkey bars' beneath the dining table? Must be these girls have a bit of 'upside down' blood in them. Hang in there baby...
Love from GGMA & GGPA Frandsen

Anonymous said...

Looks like either Lily or GGma needs to brush up on spelling or typing. Whooopppps!!

The Mihalek's said...

Cute pictures, especially the one of Grace hanging from the table. She will have so much fun in gymnastics. She'll be a famous Olympian some day. You will be a busy mom, traveling from place to place, but it will be worth it!

Too bad the boys lost their game, but it was only the first one. Oh well, at least we have fun chatting and watching the girls. Thanks for posting a picture. I really have to remember my camera for next time.

See ya later!

Mom B said...

Cutest darn kids and what fun they have. Poor Grace, fighting to grow up too quickly and little does she know how much she will wish she could take a nap someday when she has kids of her own! HA!
Love and miss you all...
Hope your planning a trip out west (Nebraska) in the future!
Gma Debbie xoxoxoxo