Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baking Day!

Today Gracie and I made some sugar cookies and banana bread. She loves to help in the kitchen, so I try to let her help as much as possible, but I must admit, I'm a little bit of a control freak in the kitchen because I love to cook so much! So I let her stir, and dump ingredients, except for the egg - which she dropped on the counter twice and amazingly it didn't break. She must have had fun baking because it was the first thing she told Rich when he walked in the door today.

Can you tell she's excited?

What a big helper!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, You look like a really wonderful Cook. I'm glad you like to help Mom do some baking. Mom's love a helper and they say, "Great, it only takes twice as long". I love the pictures of our newest cook in the family. I'll bet daddy thought it was the best food he ever ate. Love you GGMA & GGPA F

The Mihalek's said...

Grace you look like you are having so much fun helping your mom. How did your cookies and bread turn out? I'm sure they tasted yummy!

I miss you!

Anonymous said...

We so enjoy seeing the shining smile on Grace's face as she stirs. She looks so happy, and so proud. Grandpa came in to scroll through the pictures of Grace cooking, and Joy as Cinderella and said, "Gee, they both are really growing up". They are to all of you. GGPA and GGMA Frandsen

Gwen said...

The girls do look so grown up!

I have fond memories of baking with my mom... every Saturday was baking day.

By the way... a true baker knows how to drop an egg just so it doesn't break :).