Friday, September 5, 2008

I promised myself I would never do this...

but I just had to share this great deal with you guys! I got all of this stuff for (drum roll please)... $0.64! I know you're probably thinking yeah right, but seriously $0.64! It normally would retail for $10.50. I was so excited that I immediately called my mom, who is probably the only other person who cares. :) I just hadn't been able to get such good deals. I found the links to these deals here. Seriously check this site. It is fabulous and I've gotten so many good tips from it already! Happy shopping!


The Mihalek's said...

Wow Darcie! You are a supper shopper! You should start your own company and teach people like me to save like you do!

Great job!

Anonymous said... I say, There is some FRANDSEN blood in this girl. Someone spoke of Grandpa being a "tight Dane with his first $2.00 bill" Only that is actually more truth than joke...ask your Mom.
We love being frugal, keep up the good work. Grandma Shirley F.