Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football Season!

Today is the day that College Football kicks off. We're big college football fans in the Jackson household, unfortunately Rich has to work most of the day but we're recording the important games like the U of M game. The girls were so excited that they wanted to wear their cheer leading outfits! Unfortunately, Joy's is too small, but she squeezed into it, and Grace's is getting to small. So we'll just make do this fall and buy new ones next year.

We miss all of our Michigan friends in particular today. The games aren't' the same without all of you. And Staci, now I don't have anyone to talk to during the games. :( Look how much the girls have grown since last year when they wore their cheer leading outfits.


The Mihalek's said...

They are so much bigger than last year! I can't believe how long Joy's hair is getting! I didn't even watch the game today because I didn't have you to talk to! I did school work instead! Horrible! And we miss Rich yelling during the game and scaring the girls!

We should skype during one of the games!!!

Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Well, since football is not on my list of 'must dos' I just enjoyed looking at the beautiful Grace and Joy in their cheerleading outfits.
Thanks for the pictures. I have watched and watched for new blogs until I decided you had forgotten I can catch up again.
Love you all...GGMA & GGPA F

Gwen said...

Wow, they are growing up!! So hard to believe.

Indika said...

Happy family, so much guys.

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